Hours (see packages )

Friday and Saturday  Departure 11 pm

Sundays - Departure 10:00 pm 

**There will be a $100.00 charge for every 30 minutes past the event departure times. If you should chose The 8820 Clean-Up package, you will still need to depart no later than 11:00pm on Friday/Saturday and 10:00pm on Sunday.


Important  Rules 

  • Decorations are permitted in the Pavilion and Gardens. Just no plastic confetti it is not biodegradable and it's too hard to clean out of the grass.​

  • For events over 50 guests and alcohol is being served we require a professional bartender and security officers be hired.

  • We do not allow anything to be hung on our walls (no nails, tape or command strips) you will lose your deposit and may need to pay any additional cost for repair.

  • When renting our venue you are responsible for making sure everything is put back to the way you found it. Meaning all tables and chairs and trash cans. Your responsible for wiping down all surfaces and put all trash in the dumpster. Or you can add a cleaning package to your event. 

  • All Friday and Saturday events must be finished by 11:00 pm. We need time to set up the next event. 

  • There will be a $100.00 charge for every 30 minutes past the event departure times. If you should choose The 8820 Clean-Up package, you will still need to depart no later than 11pm on Friday/Saturday and 10pm on Sunday.


Terms of Rental


            The 8820 is an event space located at 8820 Bender road North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039. Owned and operated by The 8820 LLC. Conditions for Use of the Event Space (The 8820):

1. The contracting Party wishes to use, and The 8820 on the dates and times set forth above. At Wedding and larger events The 8820 will appoint a representative to be in charge of the event, open and close the building, and be present during the functions.Friday and Saturday events end 11:00pm. Sunday events end at 10pm. everything must be cleaned up and everyone departed by the times listed .You will be charged $100.00 per 1/2 hour past the end time. 

2.Alcohol is permitted for weddings and events over 50 guests and serving alcohol, you are required to hire a professional bar service and security. North Ridgeville requires you to hire 2 off duty Police Officer for security  .

3. 40% deposit is required to confirm and book your date. Payments are to be made via check or through the client portal. Total balance is Due 30 days prior to your event. The Security Deposit will be returned within 10 Business days of the event, provided terms have been met. This also covers any damage to The 8820. Should Damage exceed the Deposit amount the Contracting party shall reimburse The 8820 for all costs incurred.

4. The 8820 is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.  

5. The 8820 holds no liability for any or all personal injuries.

6. Smoking is Not permitted in the interior of the facilities.

7. The premises must be returned to its original condition at the conclusion of the event.  A fee will be assessed if the space is not returned to its original state. All Decorations must be taken down, surfaces must be wiped down and floor swept. All garbage put in the dumpster.    

8.A Clean up package can be purchased for $500. if you choose to have The 8820 provide the cleanup and have your decor packed for pickup.

9. The Contracting Party assumes all risk of, and agrees that The 8820 shall not be liable for any damage to property or injury to or death of any persons including, without limitation, The Contracting party contractors, invitees, patrons, licensees, or agents, in, on or about The 8820 premises from any cause except where such damage or injury arises out of the gross negligence of The 8820.

10.The Contracting Party assumes all responsibility for repair and restoration in the event of damages in connection with the event.

11. If you cancel your event you forfeit your any payments. If the government shuts down wedding venues due to covid, your funds will be returned.  We ask that you would try to reschedule for new date.